Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Long Island Sound

Vanderbilt, Long Island Sound 
Another beautiful Sunday at the Vanderbilt Estate, hot and humid, but the band and artist played on: it was wonderful.  6x8 gouache on crescent board.  Happy Painting everyone.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Cloud and rock studies

Cloud and rock study in gouache
I have been so busy painting and studying gouache and various textures using DaVinci gouache and bristle brushes,  So much fun.  The paintings are from places we have been since the spring and warm weather arrived.  These studies at home do help with the painting process when we are out painting plein air.

Ralph Parker is a wonderful and talented painted who uses gouache, thanks to Michael Bailey for telling me about Ralph, I have learned so much from his blog.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Summer Greens

Summer greens
Summer greens gouache
Staying cool with greens, these two studies are done in gouache on crescent board.  Tried various combinations with actually using the green from the tube.  Still experimenting with color combos.  Happy painting everyone.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Summer Fun

Vanderbilt Estate  5x7 gouache on crescent board
Sweet Briar, 2 4x6 gouache on crescent board

Happy Summer all my fellow bloggers, due to a case of  too much to do, or just being lazy , not sure.  But we are in the Hazy, Lazy  Days of Summer:  The weather as been hot and humid, but Mike and I did venture out last Sunday for one of the plein air events at the Vanderbilt Estate overlooking Long Island Sound.  It was a very overcast day and a perfect opportunity to try and capture the atmospheric conditions of the day.

The second mini gouache paintings are on crescent board as well.  They are two little studies of the original Sweet Briar painting that was started but never completed , shame on me, but after doing this little mini, I am confident that the completion is at hand.

I have noticed some wonderful work from all of you and I will visit your blogs today.  Do hope you are all having a delightful summer.