Saturday, August 24, 2013

Happy Saturday Fellow Bloggers

Montauk On  The Rocks

Mike and I went to Montauk Point with our grandson, at the time he was only 18mos.  He loved  the water and big rocks and for a little guy he enjoyed the  task of lifting and and re-arranging them.  So many years ago, he is 10 yrs old now.  Where has the time gone.
Meadow Croft Marsh
During the week the ladies and I painted  at Meadow Croft.  While it is impossible to paint the marsh, because of the road leading to the estate, had to take photos to work from, this is a 5x7 acrylic on RayMar panel.

Summer at the Lake
Trying to complete works started in the beginning of the summer, finished this one in the studio.  11x14 acrylic on mdf board.

Do hope all of you are enjoying the last days of August.  Don't know what it is about the changing seasons that bring me so much joy and anticipation.  Cool crisp days , natures beautiful display of fall colors, pot roast, apple pie and okay, brownies.  So to my fellow bloggers enjoy life, and Happy Painting to All.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Meadowcroft Today

Quickie sketch before we went home
Still needs tons of work
Meadowcroft work in progress
Today was a plein air day, life is almost back to normal.  Last week was so very hectic and I just wanted to get back to painting.  I miss blogging with all of you and in the future will try to get back to visiting and sharing with all of you wonderful artist.

We painted at Meadowcroft and I started two 8x10 oil sketches.  To be honest, it may be time to get back into the studio and start finishing all of these paintings started on location.  I would also like to paint larger and maybe get back to life drawing workshops in September.  What is it about the fall that makes me think of a new beginning, like the start of a new school year.  Oh Well, it time for a bit of RR, Happy Painting everyone.

Friday, August 16, 2013

The Plein Air Competition

The last painting done at the Planting Fields before closing, I did this in one hour.
Friday, opening day of the competition at the Planting Fields Arboretum in Oyster Bay
The Play House, I mostly wanted to paint this charming little cottage, this is where the Coe's grandchildren played. the manor house and grounds were owned by the Coe family.  Mike actually did a tour of the house and got all the historical facts while I painted. 
Almost complete, it was a thrill to be able to complete a  plein air sketch on locations.  That was the rule, it was a two day event and all work had to be completed on location.
This was the painting selected by the judge to be hung in the Oyster Bay Historical Society building for the judging of all painting selected,  I did not win one of the three awards, first $1000. and $750. in art supplies, the second $350. in art supplies, and the third $250.  I didn't win, but I feel as though just being among the 35 artist selected for the event was a great honor.
The Play House , there is another that I manage to almost complete with an hour and a half before the closing of the competition