Monday, October 28, 2013

Longwood Estate

Longwood Estate  Oil 9x12
Hello my fellow bloggers, I just returned from an outing with Mike.  We went to Longwood Estate.  Had a hell of a time painting this, probably because it wasn't a scene that intrigued me.  Oh well, it's always good practice.  I'm  beginning to realize, that when something looks simple, it isn't!  It was all about the colors not the composition, the reflections in the water.  Missed my mark, so it will be in the studio the rest of the day.  Will try another and a different approach.  Hope everyone is well and enjoying nature and painting, inside or out.  Happy Painting Everyone.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

East Meets West, at Stony Brook Harbor

Stony Brook Harbor second painting started buy not able to finish Mike got tired
My friend Sue enjoying plein air
East Meets West
East Meets West
Stony Brook Harbor painting with friends
We had the most enjoyable time last week, two groups of artist gathered at the Stony Brook Harbor to paint.  The Nassau County art league people joined us at the Harbor.  It is such an amazing feeling to paint with fellow artist, all of us painting the same scene, but painting it in our own style.  The only chatter that was heard was that of the seagulls, almost sounded as though they were laughing at us, we in turn we found that amusing. Happy Painting everyone!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Plein air with friends

Painting with friends
Crab Meadow 2 8x10 oil on panel
Crab Meadow 1 5x7 oil on RayMar panel
Plein air frenzy, before the cold weather sets in, we are out and having a wonderful time painting at various locations on Long Island.  Tuesday we painted at Crab Meadow Beach in Northport.  I managed to complete 2 paintings.  The first was a 5x7 warm up and then proceeded to a 8x10.
Short Beach
Another location that I am so fond of, the day was glorious, the return of summer.  So we are taking advantage of  natures gifts to us.  I am also looking forward to some studio work.  I have several paintings started of the Arboretum lovely gardens.  And of course have some ideas for still life work.  I do hope all of you are enjoying your passion for painting.  Happy Painting All.