Thursday, February 19, 2015


First attempt at painting Panda Bears
8x10 watercolor rough draft

My grandchildren came for a visit over the weekend.  It's always difficult for
me to get back on track.  What always helps is doing something so different
and more challenging to get me through missing them.
I have never painted Panda bears and thought, why not, give a try. These are just rough drafts.
The flowers and tea pot, still working out a composition and colors .  I purchased  a
tea pot from Fairway.  Just had to have it and will probably include it in the composition
of many more future paintings.
Long Island has had some severe weather, snow, winds and bitter cold. Monet has is
vet appointment today, after, I will get back to my art work. Happy Painting everyone.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Roses in a Glass

Roses in a Glass
8x10 oil on canvas panel

My first purchase at Trader Joe's were beautiful pink Roses.  Thank God for digital
camera's.  I can finished this painting even though the roses are gone.
Just a little more tweaking on this one.

Happy Painting everyone.

Monday, February 2, 2015

After The Challenge

Playing with Gouache
5x7 study
Bellport Harbor

Trying to get back to my studies.  I chose to paint this in gouache.
Just to re-charge my creative battery.  Looking at this, I will go
back and work on the boat and water.  That's what is so great
about gouache.  It is easy to make corrections.
Happy Painting Everyone.