Monday, September 14, 2015

Stony Brook Beach

 Stony Brook Beach
Acrylic 4x6

Saturday was a fun day painting.  I did this little acrylic wet in wet speed
painting.  What I love most about painting with a time limit. 1hr. or under
you don't have time to think, just paint. Happy Painting everyone.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Little Farm House

8x10 acrylic on canvas panel

During the summer, Mike and I drove around the area looking for
farm stands.  I couldn't resist doing this farm house not far
from the vegetable stand.  Yes , got over my ridiculous hang up
about painting from photos.  I love doing both, and yes my dear friend
Vic is so right.  We can't always get out to paint.
What I do know, painting in the studio is not easy, it has it's own
set of challenges.  So thank you my fellow bloggers.
Happy Painting everyone.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Bellport Beach House

Started this on location, but was not able to get back and had to finish
in the studio.  There is so much controversy going on about painting
and finishing on location.  Painting from photos are so necessary at
times, not a favorite of mine.  But truth be told, I really need to have
some form of reference to work from without the guilt of using
photo's.   I know that is silly, there are so many great artist out there that
rely on photo's.
Maybe a balance is the best way to go., paint from life and photo references.
I know there are places that Mike and I will never be able to see, so why not
use the free photos.  Oh, don't mind me, maybe another cup of coffee is needed.
Happy Painting Everyone.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Port Jefferson

Port Jefferson

12x14 acrylic on mdf

Last week a group of my friends and I went to Port Jefferson to paint.  I started
this on location and it is still a work in progress. Lots to do on this, but taking my time.
Sometimes it's best to leave a painting for awhile than go back with a fresh eye. Happy
Painting Everyone.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

September 1st.

Lake Ronkonkoma Park
6x8 acrylic
If interested in purchasing
my e-mail is
or through pay pal

Mike and I have been going to  Lake Ronkonkoma, the park is wonderful
because there are plenty of subjects to paint.
The boat appeared while I was sketching, I took some photos to
include it into my painting at home

The summer is coming to an end, where does the time go.  Hopefully
everyone has had a wonderful summer.  Happy Painting.