Sunday, June 26, 2016

Primary Colors on Another Day


Still using the primary colors in acrylic.  I purchased this orchard from Trader Joe's so I have been in the studio all week experimenting with the primary colors and using acrylic paint and gloss medium.   This one is still a work in progress, it is my second day working and it is a struggle.  Working in acrylic with just the gloss medium is a very uncomfortable way for me to use acrylic.  I've always used either a water misting bottle or acrylic flow medium.  This technique is all about glazing and layering.  It's a longer process.  I usually like fast alla prima type of painting.  I will stay with this, and keep you posted.  Happy painting everyone.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Primary Colors 3

a better photo
After working on this one, I notice that the changes that were made flattened the background.  So I will let it sit for awhile and then see what can be done to bring it back to what was intended originally.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Primary Colors #3

Primary Colors #3
Still working on the 18x24 acrylic.  Still have so much work to do on this one.  The colors in the photo are a bit off,  It's a bit warmer in real life.  Happy Painting everyone.

Primary colors

18x24 acrylic
Day #1 wip
Still working only in primary colors.  Also using gloss medium instead of water or flow medium.  It's a matter of building up glazes.  So the jury is still out, on whether or not I will continue using this technique.   I am very interested in learning more about it and will keep you all posted. 
Happy Painting everyone.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

I painted this 10x12 using acrylics, on mdf board.  This time using only the primary colors.  It's a great way to learn about color and all that can be achieved with only the three colors.  It is 5:50 am and just sitting here thinking what to paint today. Happy painting everyone. I should add, this is just day 1 of this study. It is a wip, and the painting looks darker in this photo.  It is a lot softer in tones. Oh well, I will try to take a better photo.
primary colors

Sunday, June 12, 2016


Purple, Yellow and Green
10x12 acrylic on mdf
This is day 2 of the my study of reflections, using purples , blue and yellows.  A limited palette but the colors are brilliant.  I want to learn different approaches and techniques when painting the usual scenes of Long Island.  A feel like a bull in a china shop,  Hopefully  will master this technique.  Happy Painting everyone.

Saturday, June 11, 2016


My Rose Garden

This is a totally different approach for me, in fact a new technique.  I am working in acrylics on mdf board.   This time using a gloss medium and glazing and rather than a wet into wet.  While I find it very exciting it is also very challenging for me.  Sort like riding a run away horse.  lol.  But loving the thrill of a new adventure.  Happy Painting everyone. 

Friday, June 10, 2016

Spring Arrangement

Yesterday I attempted to finish my Spring Arrangement of Roses, peony buds in a blue vase.  In my desire to paint the container, forgot about how short lived flowers are, and wait for no man lol.  Also in my haste , didn't take a digital of the set up.  So long story short had to leave it alone until there are more blooms in my garden.

Even though the painting isn't completed, I do like to see it in a frame, just to know what is needed. I haven't been painting outdoors lately and trying to do more studies in my studio.  Had problems with my computer.  Couldn't handle Windows 10, had to have a computer technician to bring it back to Windows 7.  Still having problems with my photos and now my iPad is beginning to give me some problems.  May have too much and not enough space, it's only 16gb's.  With iPad 2 there is no way to increase storage space, so it is necessary to elimate some of the e-mails and photos.

We are visiting my daughter and grandchildren soon, so I will have to rely on my iPad to post. So maybe it is good time to eliminate some of the stuff.  Hope all of my fellow bloggers are doing well. Happy Painting.