Wednesday, December 21, 2016

First Day of Winter

Winter snowfall
5x7 watersoluble oil
canvas panel

Happy first day of winter to my fellow bloggers.  Sorry I have  not posted sooner.
Since my last post good things have happened.  I was fortunate to sell 9 paintings from my
library exhibit.  It was a total and unexpected surprise that my paintings were received so well with wonderful
compliments and sales.

We never know when that will happen, all we do is our best to work and study and whatever happens
is so totally out of our control.  With each sale comes mixed emotions, our paintings comes from the
the heart.  But what makes it easier to let go is knowing that they will go into homes of the people that truly like them.

Well that being sad, Christmas is almost upon us and there is more baking and other duties that must be done prior to the big day.  I will seeing my grandchildren and sharing Christmas morning with the wee ones brings so much joy to Mike and me
I do hope all of you have wonderful plans for this holiday season.  I will try to post again on Christmas.


Monday, December 5, 2016

My art at the library

Smaller paintings in the display case
My artwork on display at the
Bayport-Bellport Library
One of my paintings at
Wet Paints Show

First and foremost, I want to thank my friend BJ, for helping me with the widget on my blog.
It has been a busy time for me, mostly painting.  But now I am showing my work at various places.
The month of December, I have over 20 larger paintings throughout the library, and smaller
pieces in the display case.

With the new year approaching it would be great to actually start showing my work in more venues.
Tomorrow, hopefully my friend and I will go out and paint.
Happy painting everyone.

A Question to fellow bloggers.

I noticed on some of your blogs you have thumbnails under your daily post.  Also like buttons, facebook, and google.  How is that done.  I have tried various layouts it still remains a mystery to me.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Thank you.

Hoyt Farm

Hoyt Farm Shack
10x12 oil on mdf

Went plein air painting with my friend Sue.  This isn't a building, just a shell, which was
very interesting.  I started this one plein air and then worked on it in the studio. Not really
happy with it, so I will try another angle.  Happy Painting everyone. 

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Charlie's friend.

One of Charlie's friend
Made some changes to my blog.  Don't have a clue as to what I am doing.  So fellow bloggers , I will try to get back to my other setting.  This does not feel like home.

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Charlie is now 2yrs. old.  The terrible two's, but he is adorable and very friendly.
We always enjoy saying hello to him.

Hoyt Farm

Went to Hoyt Farm to paint on location.  It was one of those lovely days on Long Island.  Almost spring like.  Today, not so much, more like winter.  Met my friend Sue and we painted this shed, it isn't a real shed, just a shell.  Looking forward to going out this winter.  But will have buy some heavy clothing and hand warmers.

Old Shed  at Hoyt Farm
10x12 oil