Friday, July 28, 2017

West Lake Lily Pads

Really wanted to capture the lily pads while in bloom.  Found this lovely spot on the Island, West Lake.  Did a few studies, but want to continue with various colors and compositions.

Another study on canvas taped to foam board.  Painting on different  surfaces  creates such a  different look
I will continue to do more studies.  I am waiting for my daughter and the family to arrive.  It is 12:19 am, Mike has homemade pizza in the oven.  They should be here about 1am.

I do hope everyone is enjoying the summer.  It is going by so fast.  I look forward to doing more plein air painting once the children return home.  That helps me get over sad and lonely feeling once they leave.  

Monday, July 3, 2017

Overwhelmed in Paradise

 Mike and I went to the Planting Fields Arboretum for some plein air painting.  We walked through the gardens which were breathtaking.  The colors the the little cottages.  and mansion, were all . calling to me to set up and paint.
 Well, that was the problem.  Mike took this photo of me, while telling me don't to forget to squint. Biggest problem in painting is seeing the correct tones.
Also painting in the summer there's so much green. So we walked and walked the summer sun beginning to take it's toll on us.
 We walked past the trellis and lovely flowers, and continued to look for the perfect location.
 So, I settled and decided to paint the little cottage . Well maybe.
 Love the shadows on the gravel path.
 Here are the two paintings that I ended up doing.  The one above started at the gardens and the one  below from one of my photos.  Not happy with either one. So all of this will just go into one of many memories of Mike and me on the journey to painting plein air.  Mike doesn't paint, he reads the history magazines on the kindle.
I do hope everyone is enjoying the summer and for us the states we have July4th holiday.  Happy painting everyone.