Sunday, November 19, 2017

Sayville Marsh
After the storm, 5x7 oil on canvas

Yesterday , I spent the day going through my photos from last year.  Perfect time to do some snow paintings. This is just a little experiment.  Happy  Sunday everyone.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Short Beach plein air

After being in , nursing a cold all week, need some fresh air.
Mike, Monet and I went to short beach, one of my favorite places to paint.
Didn't want to stay out too long. So I just did an hour oil sketch.  It was great being out.
Caleb Smith Park
8x10 oil

I painted this 8x10 last Saturday morning before I went to the the emergency room, with some back and side paint
I was there all night while they ran test.  Thank God, it was just an urinary tract infection. It took most of the week to get back and then phase 2 a cold.  It seems everyone is getting the seasonal cold.
Stay well my fellow bloggers.  Happy Painting.