Tuesday, February 27, 2018


Morning entry into my journal

Trying to get back to my journaling.  It is a great way to start my day and get the creative juices flowing.
Stony Brook, another w/c sketch

Sitting in the car with my watercolor paints.  A quick sketch.

Before Mike and I went to the mall, we stopped at the Stony Brook harbor.  Needed to do some quick sketches. I call these little sketches my notebook for future paintings.  There wasn't much color, still very gray. In the past it was always where should we paint.  Not so much now, finally I am really looking at what is in front of me and learning to see.
Nature is beautiful and it is not just copying nature but my way of sharing my impressions. Happy Painting everyone.

Monday, February 26, 2018

On The Wild Side

Oil sketch of the bluff

Stepping away from my comfort zone and playing with colors that I wouldn't normally use.  Going back to the same places every year it never looks the same.  I love the drastic  changes in the atmosphere and the abstract shapes in the sky.  I will continue to explore and experiment. 

Fear of failure isn't an option for me, not at my age.  So hence, I dare to use colors like viridian green and red oxide in the sky, with bright yellows.  Today, it will be Stony Brook Harbour.  I will see the same scene , the sky, water, and rocks.  But to be sure the atmosphere will be very different.  Happy Painting everyone.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Plein Air today

My oil sketch for today
9x12 on mdf board

Getting my gear to set up

Mike and Monet 

My friend Sye

Gina, setting up

Another friend joined us, but I didn't take a photo of her before she left.  It was a wonderful day being outdoors.  After months of cabin fever, it was time to venture out.  This morning we had dense fog, did not care, always wanted to paint fog.  But once we arrived at Short Beach the fog was lifting and the sun was starting to peek through.  The temps was in the 60's.  Winter will be returning next week, but we had today.  Happy painting everyone.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Happy surprise

My painting King's Bluff received the award of merit at the Suburban Art League.  It was a wonderful surprise. The artwork was truly amazing and I was so honored to be included as one of the prize winners.

On the easel

Another wip, started last week
Bellport a study
11x14 oil on panel

I always start out so eager and full of confidence.  As the painting progresses I realize that it ain't easy.
So I wait and then start again.  For now, taking a break and doing some watercolor
sketches in my journal

Studying shades of white
11x14 oil on panel

This is so challenging , I set up a still life of various white and glass objects.  Some white carnations, this is just the blocking  in stage and underpainting.  Haven't touch it since it was started last week.  Need to go back with a fresh eye.

Waiting for the spring to arrive.  Wednesday it will be warmer, temps in the 60's.  I will try to out there, now it
time to think of the locations I would like to paint.  Every year it is the same old places, but what makes them so different is the atmosphere, which is constantly changing.  Happy Painting everyone.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Keeping busy

 A watercolor sketch from my car.  Too cold to paint outdoors.
Second sketch at the Islip Marina
These are some of the sketches and paintings that I have been work on for the last month.  So looking forward to going outdoors to paint. Waiting for spring.

A study of glass  vase in w/c

Brightwaters pond, skaters a few weeks ago.

Short beach, actually went out to paint.  Temps in the 20's, but I was bundled up for the weather.

Stony Brook Harbor a few weeks ago.  Love being outdoors.

Winter blues

Watercolor sketches
Cabin fever, being stuck indoors is never fun for anyone.  Kept busy though, did the 31 day challenge in January.
Posting from my iPad, never got the hang of this, will go to my other computer.