Saturday, December 14, 2019

                                                                  December Snow

I love the snow, especially the pretty stuff, just enough to enjoy and not dangerous for driving. Well Long Island did get that surprise snow fall.  Like a child, couldn’t wait get out there and paint.  Manage to stay out for an hour, and had to quit.  Toes and fingers were starting to freeze. But if was great fun.  Happy painting everyone.

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Sunken Meadow Fall

Sunken Meadow Fall

I often paint at Sunken Meadow.  I try to capture the various changes that mother nature provides.  I was there in late October and started painting this scene.  Had to finish at home.  But always a delight to be out and about painting.  I do hope everyone is enjoying this fine weather we are having on L.I.  Happy Painting everyone.

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

First Snow

First Snow On Millers Pond

Having a great time painting and showing  my work on etsy.  I just love painting and keeping busy.  Life goes by so quickly and it is important not to take days for-granted .  It is 8am and thinking it is time to start my day.  Do hope everyone is well and happy.  Have a great day. Please visit my store on

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Let It Snow Etsy Paintings

Snow on The Marsh
5x7 acrylic
can be purchase on my Etsy Store

5x7 acrylic snow scene also seen on Etsy

Thanks to BJ, BarbaraJoan at Heart Arts Place blog.  She has helped a great deal on my new venture.  Showing work on Etsy.
These two paintings were done yesterday I used acrylic on canvas board. Just need to find a way to link to Etsy
Happy Painting Everyone.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Getting through the heat wave

Days End at Fire Island

It's been to hot to paint outdoors.  So , in search of starting another painting, went through my photos from last year. This one is me playing with tone and color, just using the primary colors.  It's a challenge, but thought , how easy would be to go out and just take a few tubes of paint.
Hopefully I will finish this painting this week.  Happy Painting eveyone.

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Painting indoors

6x8 floral still life from one of my photos

It is so very hot outside that I  have been painting inside with air conditioning blasting. But even though it is not the cold winter snowy days, I suffer from cabin fever.
Hope everyone is staying cool and happy painting.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Gathering At The Marina

Mike and I went to the East Islip marina.  I always love painting plein air there.  I started sketching in oil on a linen oil primed panel. Oh, woe is me, the surface was so slick.  I like working on a gesso , textured panel.  I continued to work and thought Oh, so what ,I am having fun and do want to add people into my paintings. 
Since I love impressionism, it didn't matter to me if it wasn't realistic, so while the painting was starting to look half  way resembling an actual impression of what was there, a group of people standing behind me, thought is was so wonderful to be able to paint like that.  People are so very kind, we assume everyone that looks at our work has the eye of a critic, most people just enjoy watching the process.  So grateful to be able to go out and play with paint while enjoying the atmosphere and people doing what they love.  Happy Painting everyone.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Down By The River
Plein Air

Today we went to the Arboretum to paint.  A lovely lady from Bayside came out to join us.
It was a great day.  Need to get a  better photo .
Happy Painting everyone.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Deer Park Library

Morning Mist
oil 16x20

Kings Bluff

Bellport, and Fire Island Light
16x24 and 11x14

Floral Still Life
18x24 acrylic

Just a few paintings that will be on display at the Deer Park library, will go back after the 4th to add more painting, my work will be there for the next two months.
Stay cool everyone there is another heatwave coming.

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

The kayak Lesson

On Duty

Going Out

The Instructor

wip started at the beach will finish at home
Love working with the open box m

Mike taking a photo of m

Today was fun, will go back to work on more sketches.  People are so very nice. Happy Painting everyone.

Monday, July 1, 2019

Heat Wave

At The Beach
6x8 plein air

We had a heat wave, then a front line storm, strong gusting winds and trees, and wires down. The difference according to the meteorologist, a front line storm, strong winds up to 50 and 70 miles per hour, but the trees fall facing one direction. We saw the pictures on 12 news and it was pretty nasty.  Thank God no one was hurt, it only lasted a few minutes with hail  the size of quarters.
Okay back to painting. prior to the storm when the temps were soaring with high humidity, Mike, Mo and me , went to the Stony Brook beach.  We had it pretty good sitting on the porch in the shade.  I had a great time.  The action on the beach was that of mothers and children, but most of all the dogs frolicing in the water.  As I was painting a lady came up to me and artist herself with artist pro backpack,with all her artist gear.  If you look close at the black figure with the white hat, that was her.
The last time I used that artist pro bag was at the Westbury Gardens.  It was in my crate with a few other things, Mike was pushing the crate and became very irritated that I had packed so much.  Didn't blame him one bit, it was ridiculous that was the last time it will be used. I am determined to lighten the load for plein air painting.  Tomorrow I will start adding more to my sidebar.  Happy Painting everyone.

Friday, June 28, 2019

Summer Fun

Westbury Gardens plein air
Little Cottage
acrylic 6x8 on panel 
wip At The Beach
watercolor and gouache

Trying to continue with blogging.  Yesterday morning I read my post from way back when blogging was the thing. Unfortunately it is no longer like that, since facebook and instagram.  I am guilty of the latter , easier  to post and move on, until the realization hits, there isn't a sense of bonding. So much easier for people to hit the like button.
Here in blogland, we have fellow soul mates that have a love for their art and are willing to share comments and encouragement. In the future I will return more often,  add to my sidebar all of the artist that I have enjoyed so much in the past.
Only one thing that is troubling, there were several comments written in chinese that weren't really a person. Do hope that won't be a problem in the future. If anyone has received strange comments please tell me what I can do to prevent this from happening in the future.  Happy Painting everyone.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Smiths Point Beach

Smiths Point Beach
5x7 gouache
Have enjoyed painting in gouache, but it's time to return to oils.  This weekend we will be at the
Old Westbury Gardens for a paint out with our club ALNC .  LI will be having great weather this weekend.  I will be at the Gardens tomorrow.  Happy Painting everyone.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Good Morning

Short Beach
Good morning fellow bloggers.  Can't believe we are half way through the month of June. The painting of Short Beach will be going to the Barnes Gallery on June 24th. I think that I might have overdone  commitments to various art organization.  While it is good to have our work on display we as artist must be careful not to overdo it , where it leaves us very little time to paint.

While sitting here drinking coffee and wondering what is next.  It may  be a good idea to just start my day, I think maybe work on paintings that have been started and sit waiting for me to finish them, lol.  Don't really know, it's a mystery how I spend my day, I am not very organized.  Happy Painting everyone.

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Good Morning

Bellport Beach gouache 5x7

I spent a few days working in gouache.  It's a lovely medium to work with, sometimes just want the watercolor to be more opaque.
Stony Brook gouache studies

I did three mini sketches in gouache of Stony Brook.  Purchased this frame from Savers thrift shop. Which inspired me to do the three sketches.

Playing with gouache
5x7 Day at the Lake

It is wonderful do a beach scene on a rainy spring day, the promise of what is to come. The end of the month I will be
joining my friend at the Fire Island Light house to do some plein air painting. Today my friend and I will be going to the Sayville Maritime to do some plein air painting.  The weather , sunny but cool. After a day in the studio yesterday it is time for some fresh air. Happy painting everyone.

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Happy Easter and Happy Passover

Sayville Marsh
Going Big
Still needs more work

Lilypads oil
Short Beach
12x24 oil on canvas

These are some of the painting I have been working on, still tweaking.  Hopefully they will be completed before the shows.  I have my grandson visiting from Virginia .  We will be driving him home day after Easter.  I will get to spend time with the rest of the family.  I do hope everyone is well and wishing all Happy Holiday and happy painting.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Painting with friends

w/c on Khadi paper

Yesterday, I met  up with friends at the Smithtown Library.  Artist meet there every Tuesday. It is a pleasant group of very talented artist.  We all do our own thing, some paint in oil, or gouache. acrylic or oil.  I take my ipad with me to work from my own photos. 

It's always a shot in the arm to be with fellow artist, each has his or hers ideas and subject matter to paint. One gentleman was working on a large oil.  He photoshopped several photos using  something like adobe but less expensive.  He supper imposes the photos to create his own composition.  I have never seen that done before. He said he purchased one of the cheaper programs and installed it into his computer, so that he could create from photos from the net but make them his own by just using several different photos. Amazing.

The other artist just chose photos from various places.  They all have great drawing skills.  I choose to work from life or my own photos, not having to worry about copyright laws. The only problem what that is what if you want to paint jungle animals or farm animals.  As for people they are all over, and can be painted just by going outdoors.
As you can tell I am procrastinating this morning, so I will leave there.  Happy Painting everhyone.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

The perfect spot

my 1 hr. sketch

Just had a very short time to paint yesterday.  Mike and I were on the way to the mall, just to stretch our legs with a good walk.  I was so happy that there was enough time to get this little sketch in, it open the flood gates to more possibilities. Taking photos will enable me to decide on different composition and formats.  Happy Painting everyone.
everywhere I look there is a possible painting
Just love this place
6x8 oil  on canvas panel

Monday, March 25, 2019

Crab Meadow

Crab Meadow, with Larry and Sue
watercolor 9x12

As I sit here having coffee and thinking what to paint next , it is time to go back to oil and acrylic.
Taking my good friend Hilda's advice it may be time to do a few larger painting. It is a struggle deciding what to paint
next, just by going larger from the smaller studies is half the battle.
On the other hand, lol, the weather is getting spring like and I just love being outdoors painting.  Today, I must prime panels if  I want to go out this week.
Inspiration???? Yesterday Mike and I went to Stony Brook, the harbor is where I usually paint.  But, nothing, no desire and not drawn to anything to paint.  Realizing that my paintings are usually the same locations on the island, but the atmosphere is constantly changing which I love. That is what makes the same look so different. Unfortunately, that  didn't happen yesterday.
So all of that being said, maybe it is time to switch it up a bit, look for textures like rocks, trees and just zoom in with my focal point and also do some still life paintings.  I am a firm believer that the subject finds us, all we have to do is pay attention. Thank you fellow bloggers, for letting me use the platform as a sounding board.
Happy Painting everyone.

Friday, March 22, 2019

Recent Work

9x12 w/c on arches
Setauket Harbor
I love painting at the harbor, it is always so atmospheric.  I actually enjoy an overcast day.
The title Waiting describes exactly how we plein air artist feel, waiting for warmer spring like days.
Happy Painting everyone.

Stony Brook Clouds

Still doing watercolor studies.  8x10 on 140# arches. 

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Man's Best Friend

8x10 oil
Man's Best Friend

Well it seems face book and instagram in on the blink.  Can't seem to upload my photos.
That may be a good thing, I will just have to post more on my blog.

This is a painting that I have been working on, it is painted on muslin that was glued to foam board.  I have been watching Charlie Hunters new online video.  That's how I found out about muslin that can be purchased in Hobby Lobby for 2.29 a yard.  I glued that to an 8x10 foam board.  It's very interesting. Also he uses Cobra water mixable oil paints.  Do hope everyone is enjoying the warmer weather, tomorrow in the 50's.  Gotta get out.

Happy Painting everyone.

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Recent studies

Another study using watercolor and gouache. I have been busy experimenting using various
Papers Saunders 140# rough and handmade 100% cotton  Khadi paper. Now I am using my iPad using the internal keyboard. My smart keyboard  the case cracked. So it is time for me to join the rest of the people and  use the way my grandchildren uses theirs.  Happy painting everyone.

Sky study wc on Khadi paper

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Watercolor studies

Daffodils from Trader Joe's on Khadi handmade watercolor paper

Another paper that is 100% cotton handmade. It has the feel of painting on material, great fun.
While waiting for spring I purchased my yearly daffodils from Trader Joe's, they come
from Ireland.
It is Saturday morning and having coffee, today will be another painting day.  First, must pick up my painting that was in
a show and happy to say it received a merit award.  So once again wishing all a happy Saturday.


This is my first study using the Saunders rough paper.  I love it, and makes painting in w/c so much easier for me.

Stony Brook plein air

Stony Brook Harbor

Yesterday, my friend Sue and I braved the semi cold weather and painted in Stony Brook.
It was wonderful being outdoors. 

I will finish this study at home ore maybe not.  I have been experimenting with
different w/c papers.  This is a Saunders 140lb. rough.  Love it.

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Thoughts of Spring

Today the temps dropped very low.  too cold to go out.  Mike and I stayed in, I painted he did some searches on the internet comparing cars. So the day continued and it was all good. 

Just trying to get back to watercolors, I set up on the kitchen table, some artificial flowers in a glass jar.
I will now watch some tv and crochet with Monet cuddling next to me. 

The simple things in life mean so much, it's just a matter of paying attention. Happy Painting everyone.

Monday, January 28, 2019

Cup and Saucer

Still playing with this laptop. The cup and saucer painting was purchased at a thrift store.  Mike and I are becoming quite the collectors, should say hoarders.  We are running out of space in a big house lol.

Works in Progress

A study in watercolor

Roses and Pears

Still learning about posting from this laptop.

Just lost use of the keyboard.  Had to restart the laptop. Lenovo doesn't have support, nothing like Apple products. Oh well time for another cup of coffee.

Still life paintings for the New Year

Hydrangea's and Mandarin oranges
Roses and Pears

These photo's aren't that good. Must go back and check the original photos.