Thursday, January 31, 2019

Thoughts of Spring

Today the temps dropped very low.  too cold to go out.  Mike and I stayed in, I painted he did some searches on the internet comparing cars. So the day continued and it was all good. 

Just trying to get back to watercolors, I set up on the kitchen table, some artificial flowers in a glass jar.
I will now watch some tv and crochet with Monet cuddling next to me. 

The simple things in life mean so much, it's just a matter of paying attention. Happy Painting everyone.

Monday, January 28, 2019

Cup and Saucer

Still playing with this laptop. The cup and saucer painting was purchased at a thrift store.  Mike and I are becoming quite the collectors, should say hoarders.  We are running out of space in a big house lol.

Works in Progress

A study in watercolor

Roses and Pears

Still learning about posting from this laptop.

Just lost use of the keyboard.  Had to restart the laptop. Lenovo doesn't have support, nothing like Apple products. Oh well time for another cup of coffee.

Still life paintings for the New Year

Hydrangea's and Mandarin oranges
Roses and Pears

These photo's aren't that good. Must go back and check the original photos.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Happy New Year

Sue and I bundled up in winter clothing
Just love being out there
Short beach
plein air
This was supposed to be after the water color paintings
watercolor clod study
From a Distance

I do hope everyone is well and enjoying the New Year.  It is almost February and it always amazes me how fast the days go by. I had a slow start to getting back to my art.  But in the last two weeks  I have picked up my brushes, both watercolor and oil.  My friend Sue and I actually got back to short beach for some plein air painting.  It seems to be out annual event.
Hopefully I will be able to focus more on my blog . Happy painting everyone.