Tuesday, March 31, 2020

What's Next

Tea cup and viola plant

To all my fellow bloggers please keep safe and healthy in this very trying time of the coronavirus.
We are all housebound and for some that's a good thing.  We are very fortunate as artist, we don't need a crowds of people to be happy.  We have our art, we can be at home or open air painting, keeping our distance from others.

On the other hand, our shows are cancelled and people need to put food on the table not art on their walls.  I just shut down my Etsy shop, while it is the most least  expensive online shop to sell, it is just not the right time for me. So like I said WHAT'S NEXT?  A time to just enjoy and to study my craft and no pressure of the marketing end of being an artist.
This will pass and Gallery's will reopen and once again people will be earning a living.  So that is why it's a good idea for me personally to continue to paint and share my work on this blog and instagram and facebook..
To stay connected with other artist friends and most of all to stay healthy and pray for all of the hero's in the medical , police, firefighters and all the ones on the front line fighting this enemy.

Happy Painting my friends/